A Week to Remember

We're back from an absolutely fantastic week in England.  What a trip!  A few months back, some dear friends from Georgia emailed us to say they'd be living in Oxford for three months, and "would you like to visit?".  Why, of course!  One of the perks to living in Sicily is that we can easily fly from our home in Catania to many European destinations rather painlessly.  Three hours in the air, and we landed in London at Gatwick...spent the night in a very, very odd B&B literally built in the 1500s (!), and drove the next morning to Oxford by way of Windsor.

Genealogically speaking, I wish we had had more time to explore some of the hometowns of ancestors on both sides of our family.  I'm very convicted at this point that I have so much work to do to identify those hometowns.  Out of the several relatives (from 4th great-grandparents onward to 12 or so generations back), I can only identify the hometowns of a small handful.  Definitely more work to be done all around.

Throughout our trip, as I meandered through the beautifully-designed abbeys at Bath, Oxford, Windsor, and Stratford-upon-Avon, I couldn't help but wonder.  How many of the names (etched into grave markers in the walls, floors, and cemetery grounds) represent ancestors of fellow genealogists searching for clues to their identities?  If I could have only photographed each and every one!  Quite and overwhelming feeling.  How many represent families who remained in the homeland...and how many emigrated to other countries?

Here are just a few snapshots of our visit!  In case you didn't know...I have a family blog entitled "Just Marvelous" in which I'll share a little more about our trip.  Mostly non-genealogical tidbits!  Living overseas, it's wonderful that I'm able to share our adventures with extended family and friends through this medium.

While away (and in the rare, quiet moment I was able to enjoy in our little cottage while the boys were napping), I was able to catch up on a few online tutorials on Ancestry.com's YouTube channel.  Feeling very inspired!  Also had two mysterious and promising emails from contacts pertaining to current research brick walls that I'm hoping pan out.  Stay tuned...


Intriguing Oxford

My oldest turned 4!

Our cottage for the week...Hill Farm in Oxford

The Bard


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