George Henry Ostholthoff - WWII Draft Registration

Have you ever heard of the WWII-era  "Old Man's Draft"?  While it may be surprising to find draft registration for relatives who seemed too "old" to serve, these cards were required by the Selective Service in their fourth of six registration periods in April 1942[1]

According to a article on the World War II Draft Registration process, the fourth registration – or “Old Man’s Draft” – was specifically for men with birthdays “from April 28, 1877 to February 16, 1897” (FamilySearch Wiki). 

Like finding a WWI draft registration card, the WWII documents provide very helpful genealogical information…birthdate, next of kin, physical description, place of employment, etc.  Here - I have included the registration for my mother's grandfather, Mr. George Henry Ostholthoff.  Resident of Wyoming, Hamilton County, OH, he is listed in 1942 as being married to Mrs. Elizabeth Cecelia (Luden) Ostholthoff.  Place of employment - American Agricultural Chemical Company in St. Bernard, Ohio. 

His physical description - 5'10", 148 lbs, blue eyes, gray hair, light complexion.

While I never had the opportunity to meet "Grandpa", it definitely warms my heart to have even a slight glimpse into his life via this WWII registration.  Thankfully, records like this exist so that my own children will be able to "picture" their relatives just generations apart.

Image Source - FOLD 3

[1] Family Search Wiki.  United States World War II Draft Records., accessed February 2013.



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