Adventures in Sicily

So...I'm back after a brief blogging "hiatus"!  February and March are busy months in our household...with three birthdays, an anniversary, and that other "Hallmark" holiday we celebrate on the 14th :).  Feel like I'm finally coming up for air!  In the past few weeks, my daily break time (when I usually do most of my research) has been otherwise occupied by the adventures or mis-adventures of our crazy family.

You may or may not know....but we currently live in Sicily!  Just outside of Catania, Sicily to be exact.  For any fellow genealogists whose ancestors or ethnicity can be traced to particular areas of Sicily, I'm more than willing to snap photos of places and spaces if you wish.  Just send me a message, and I'll see what I can do. 

Given my lack of exciting research news to post (currently in what I'm calling a "dry season" for groundbreaking revelations) are a few photos from our family outing today to a beautiful city on the island - Cefalu.  Have relatives from this quaint seaside town?  If so, maybe these photos will add to your mental imagery of their hometown!

Cefalu lungomare (seaside)...the ocean was wild today!

Piazza Duomo (cathedral square)

Between the rains!
Cefalu is located on the Northern coast of Sicily - along the Tyrrhenean Sea.  Set between Palermo (the top left corner of Sicily) and Messina (the top right corner), it is a lovely tourist destination - and a must-see if you ever make a trip to this diverse island.  Norman architecture, Roman and Greek archeological artifacts at the Museo Madralisca, plenty of delicious restaurants and cafes, and definitely a beach-going vibe.

Enjoy!  I typically post photos from our adventures on our family blog - Just Marvelous - but thought I'd share today's trek to Cefalu.  We braved wind, rain, hail, and sunshine!  So glad we did. 

Have a great weekend...back to genealogy soon!


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