(Image of Family Tree Chart from Fresh Retro Gallery)

 They're here!  A few weeks ago, I ordered four copies of blank family tree charts (pictured above) from the Etsy store Fresh Retro Gallery.  One is an heirloom gift for the son of a friend...celebrating his BIG first birthday this month!  One is four our is for my parents...and the other is for, well, whoever wants it!  I fell in love with the tree design when searching online, and I was pleasantly surprised that Fresh Retro was offering a 2-for-1 deal.  SCORE!  At less than $15 each, I was more than happy to purchase four.  I can't wait to a) perfect my tree and b) perfect my calligraphy and add this tree to our family "Wall of Fame" (a work in progress).

Joining this tree on our Wall of Fame are two silhouettes of the boys that I ordered on Etsy last year (so southern, so vintage, so perfectly adorable).  I believe the artist who completed the silhouettes is not longer making them...but there are others on Etsy with similar products.  Loved the fact that she sent us .pdf copies of the images!

At any rate - LOVE the family tree charts.  You can find Fresh Retro Gallery's Etsy store HERE:
 Fresh RETRO Etsy Store

Not a paid review - just one that I'm happy to offer for an outstanding product!



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