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Love is in the air...

There's just something about finding a marriage license application on file from a relative that just speaks to my heart.  I imagine the excitement...the butterflies...the feeling of "are we really doing this?!?!" that must have accompanied the happy couple. 

While working on a little genealogical detour of my own, I came across this license application and subsequent marriage certificate for my paternal great-grandparents William Ray SMITH and Catherine Margaretha MILLER.  A few months back, I featured Catherine Miller's family IN THIS ARTICLE pertaining to her father's trade in the steel industry.  William and Catherine are the parents of my paternal grandfather (Papa).  Most significant for me in this record is the listing of William's parents' names - E. A. Smith (Edward A. Smith - 1852-1918) and Cora B. Mead (1863-1919). 

Feeling the love in the air!