Here goes nothing...

After nearly a year of working diligently on our family history (for both sets of families), I have taken the leap and decided to share my thoughts and research in blog form.  It dawned on me recently that all of my AHA moments, happy dances, dead-end frustrations have been exactly that - MINE - when they really belong to our extended family!  It's the least I can do after pinging them constantly for information, names, dates, random clues that might lead us down the right research rabbit hole.  After all, what good is all of this work if it's not shared with the ones I love? 

So, here I present "Remember Me" - my research ramblings in presentable form (hopefully!).  My initial inspiration for exploring our family tree was to have something wonderfully interesting to pass along to our two boys.  Daily, I am awed at the machinations and serendipity (otherwise known as God's marvelous foresight!) that were required for my darling husband and I to meet, fall in love, marry, and start our own family.  In a very vague nutshell...this required families to leave their beloved homeland in Norway, Germany, (possibly!) Holland, England, Ireland, and Scotland, settle in a new and foreign land (some for centuries prior to others), move, stay-put, or travel orphan trains to make a new home with strangers states away.  And that is just the start.

I love my present family...and I love my family of the past simply because they were the exact family God intended me to have.  What a beautiful adventure - learning more about their family dynamics, vocations, hometowns, knowing that they lived in a particular place at a particular time for a particular reason.  All part of that intricate plan.

Welcome to family and friends.  With this blog, I hope to share my research in a fascinating way to add a little color to our tree!  I also pray that I might connect with others researching the same families and possibly add to my understanding.

Ciao from Sicily!



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