Edward M. Luden, Jr.

Pictured: Edward M. Luden, Jr. (1888-1946), son of Edward Musser Luden (1854-1920) and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Etzel (1856-1923).  Brother of my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Cecelia Luden Ostholthoff.

In July, 1899, the St. Paul's Parochial School in Reading, Pennsylvania hosted an art fair for the school's children.  Edward Luden, Jr. was noted for his beautiful drawing, which was framed and displayed among other children's artwork.

“A prominent feature of the display in St. Paul’s school hall of the work of the children of the parochial schools attached to the congregation were the black and white sketches of the boys of the lower grades.  These artists range in age from 9 to 11 years, but their productions would do credit to boys several years their senior. 

All the work done by them on exhibition showed great skill and several of their masterpieces enclosed in pretty white frames were greatly admired.  Among those who proved most proficient were LeRoy Impink, Edward Luden, Paul Greth, and Leo Neidert…” (Reading Eagle, 9 July 1899)

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An interesting tidbit from extended family history!  Especially love the sketch of Mr. Luden...since I can see some family resemblance.  We've often wondered who our little Sam looks like.  Possibly the same eyes as Edward, Jr.?

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