Family Recipe Friday: Banana Sandwich

This post isn't so much about a "recipe" as it is about a legend.  The Banana Sandwich.  OR - the 'nana sandwich.  Have you experienced this wonderfully simple sandwich?  Were you thinking peanut butter or fluff...and are now completely grossed out by the suggestion of mayonnaise?  Don't fear the mayo!  Trust me.  It's a winning combination.

Just ask Matt LeCroy of the Washington Nationals.  Obviously banana sandwiches didn't help his team make it to the World Series...but at least he gave the Southern delicacy a little press.

The truth of the matter is...this wonderful pairing of bread, thinly-sliced bananas, and mayonnaise is part of my family identity.  Only one of my parents actually eats banana sandwiches (HI Dad!).  At least I think so (Hi Mom!  I don't think I've ever seen you eat one...).  I *believe* this is a Southern tradition, and I will do my very best to promote this culinary tradition in my own home.

If you have ever watched an episode of "Finding Your Roots" on PBS, you'll be familiar with the host - Henry Louis "Skip" Gates, Jr. - asking his guests, "Who do you say are your 'people'?"

My "people" definitely eat banana sandwiches with mayo.  No question!


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