"The Definition of Mythology: Genealogy Without Documentation"

I'm loving this quote.

What's that, you say?  Where in the world have I been lately?  Sicily.  Mothering.  Living.  Researching.

I'm so very glad to be back - writing, thinking, sharing all of our (and by "our", I mean myself and my husband) finds.  After all, I find most everything and he spends evenings listening to me drone on and on about them.  Thank goodness he acts excited to hear about these long lost relatives!  Half of them are his, anyway :).

After our third little boy joined the crew back in March, life has been a bit of a grind in mostly positive ways.  The fog has cleared, baby is a little less dependent, and I'm finding regular time every afternoon (blessed nap time) to devote to my passion of super-sleuthing in the genealogical sense.  Since we live in Sicily, and I don't always have an opportunity to Skype with all of our relatives to share the details I've uncovered, this is the best and most organized way to do so.  Any friends and family who want to keep in touch and read about the adventures and misadventures of our long lost brothers and sisters, please feel free to add your email address to the subscription box at the right ========>

And now, a bit of humor.

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