Lawrence ZELLER (1826-1880) and Rosine SCHUMACHER (1835-)

Following my mother's maternal side of the family, connected by marriage to the OSTHOLTHOFF branch, Lawrence Zeller and Rosine Schumacher (also spelled Schuhmacher and Shoemaker) lived in Reading, Hamilton County, Ohio in the mid-to-late 1800s.

I am still working to locate the Zellers' immigration information and passenger lists.  However, I do know from census records that they arrived at some point before 1860 from Bavaria.  According to the 1860 census, youngest daughter Anna is 3 months old and listed to have been born in Bavaria.  SO - if that is correct, maybe they arrived just prior to the census in June 1860?  It's also possible that Anna was born in Ohio and the census taker didn't record correct information.  Here is a snippet from the 1860 US Federal Census in Hamilton County, OH:

Lorenz Zeller - age 33, male, butcher (boocher!  the spelling!), value of real estate $1100, value of personal estate, $500, birthplace - Bavaria.

Rosina, age 25, female, Bavaria
Effie Shoemacher, age 15, female, Bavaria (possibly Rosine's sister? cousin?)
George, age 3, male, Bavaria
John, age 2, male, Bavaria
Anna, 3 months, female, Bavaria

In 1863, Lorenz Zeller is listed on a Civil War draft registration document for Hamilton County, Ohio:

Source HERE

Zeller, Lawrence, age 37, male, butcher, born in Germany (his entry is second from the bottom)

Here is a brief chart from my own records for more perspective:

I am still working to identify exact date of birth, marriage, immigration, and death for both Lorenz and Rosine.  Stay tune for any updates!  Also missing - burial site for both.


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