Not-So-Wordless Wednesday: Fargo Carpenters On Strike

Family Tree Magazine (I enjoy my subscription to the e-reader version!) mentioned an new-to-me website in their most recent edition.  Just HAD to check it out during my quiet time this afternoon.  Oh yes.  Quiet time - otherwise known as nap time or Mom's Sacred Time in this household.  Savoring every last two-hour nap time until our youngest grows out of it!  When people ask me how I possibly find time to accomplish anything with three little boys in the house under the age of seven, my answer is always "nap time".  Holy, holy nap time.  Want to know the opposite of nap time?  It's called Mommy is seriously cranky because she hasn't had enough time to herself.  Let's not go there.

ANYHOW...back to the genealogy website.  Elephind.  Ever heard of it?  It's a FREE (yay!) collection of newspaper archives from domestic and international sources.  There is just absolutely nothing like finding a fascinating article about an ancestor to add a little spice and intrigue into your research.

I usually give any genealogy database a test run using my husband's paternal and maternal surnames - Melvey and Morben.  Their uniqueness ensures that all "hits" I get are in a manageable group - and most are usually connected somehow.

Today's find:

Paul's paternal great-grandfather, Nels N. Melvey (1867-1942), was a resident of nearby Moorhead, Minnesota at the time.  This is the first time I have heard mention of him serving as president of the Fargo/Moorhead Carpenters' Union.  Newspaper archives contain nuggets of contextual treasure just waiting to be discovered!


Fargo Carpenters Out On A Strike (1909, July 21).  Bismarck Daily Tribune.  Retrieved from


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